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Have you been searching Utah property management companies to find the right one?  Join the group of many satisfied property owners that Brady Realty Group services. 

Contact us and find out why other homeowners and investors feel that we are the best Utah property management company compared to other property managers in Utah.


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How to Sign Up and Get Started

Getting started with Brady Realty Group is easy. Many of our clients sign up without ever traveling to Utah; but we can also meet you at your property or at our office.
First we go over or email our Property Management Agreement with you and discuss what would be the best rent price to list your property for. We go over the most recent rental market data to decide the best rent price.
Once we have the signed Property Management Agreement back from you and keys to the property we can get started (you can sign it in person, fax or email it back. We can do e-signature if you prefer as well). You can mail the keys or we can pick them up from someone local that has them.
If you have tenants in your property, we would need a copy of their Lease Agreement and contact information. If you don’t have a lease we can work with the tenant on having one signed if you would like. Also, if someone local has them we can coordinate to pick up this information. No new lease has to be signed when hiring us as your Utah property manager. The current lease, even though it was not by us is still binding on the tenant.

All rental properties are also advertised on the MLS and have a yard sign in front.  We also create a video tour of each property which is included with the listing and advertisements. 

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We have you covered every step of the way.

Leasing Fees

If there’s already a tenant in your rental, a leasing fee will not be charged. You’ll only have to pay a leasing fee when the current tenant moves out and we need to find a new renter. 

Rental Payments

Wondering how long it’ll take to receive rental payments? Checks are processed daily. Once we receive payment from your tenant, we’ll process it either that day or the next. 


Don’t worry about delinquent tenants! If eviction becomes necessary, we’ll go to court for you at no additional charge. Plus, we’re versed in Nevada Landlord and Tenant Laws. 

Differentiating Expertise

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Our Management and Leasing Fee

Brady Realty Group only charges 2 fees: 1) Monthly Property Management Fee and 2) Leasing Fee. The leasing fee is paid from the first month rent when the new tenant moves in. If you already have a tenant in your property we do not charge the Leasing Fee until the current tenant moves out and we need to find a new tenant. We do not charge lease renewal fees, set-up fees, MLS fees, advertising cost etc.

Renting out your property

Most of our vacant properties rent in 30 days or less. We have a full-time leasing staff that just shows our vacant rentals. We also advertise your property on the MLS, and on all of the most popular rental and real estate websites. This makes your property easy to see by potential tenants and other real estate agents.
Our office and leasing staff have weekly update meetings to go over all our vacant properties; and discuss possible reasons as to why they did not rent the previous week. We then contact you and give you an update.
There are a couple reasons why a property can take longer than 30 days to rent. A delay in finding a tenant is mostly due to the rent price being too high or the condition of the property needs to be improved. In your weekly updates we also discuss these two items and if they apply to your property. Most vacancies, however, do not have these concerns and rent smoothly. If corrections need to be made, we take care of them, with your approval. Our staff works hard to rent your property as fast as possible with the most qualified tenants and at the highest rent.
You are not charged for any advertising costs, MLS commissions or any other costs that we pay to fill your property. These costs are all covered by our Leasing Fee. The Leasing Fee is paid out of the first month’s rent after the tenant moves in. Also, if for whatever reason you feel it is taking too long for us to find a tenant, you can cancel without penalty as long as a tenant has not been found.

Tenant Screening

As part of our screening process we run credit checks, criminal background checks, employment verification and previous rental history. This is done at no cost to the property owner. We then contact you with our recommendation. We give you our recommendation about the prospective tenants; and you have the final approval if the tenants are accepted or not.

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Experience the Difference in Working with Utah Property Management Experts

Brady Realty Group specializes in providing residential real estate sales and property management services throughout Utah. Our property management team’s extensive experience and ability to provide guidance are what differentiate us from our competitors. So you can feel confident knowing that we’ll help you navigate the market every step of the way.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with the Brady Realty Group?


We can pay HOA dues, utilities, taxes etc.

An additional service that we offer at no charge for our clients is paying the monthly HOA dues, taxes, utilities and other recurring expenses for their property. We then deduct the amount from the next rent check. Some of our clients prefer to pay these bills themselves; but let us know if you would like us you would like this service. You can change your mind either way at any time.
To avoid liens on your property we recommend keeping the trash bill in yours or our company name. We then add the amount to the monthly rent. This helps avoid liens caused by the tenants not paying the trash bill.



All repairs are done with owner approval, unless due to an absolute emergency. We have licensed contractors that can fix whatever may need to be repaired at your property. They provide us estimates for the work needed to be done and we have the work completed once we receive your approval. We can also use any licensed contractors that you may have as well.



Our Eviction rate is very low, but unfortunately it does happen from time to time with some of the properties we manage. We handle this process for you as part of our service at no additional charge from Brady Realty Group.
The eviction process is Nevada is fairly quick. They have until the 5th of each month to pay their rent. On the 7th of each month we deliver 5 Day Pay or Quit notices to all tenant that have not paid their rent.
If there rent is not received within the notice period we then proceed with the eviction. Two things can happen from here.
1) The tenants do not contest the eviction and we they leave or we have the constable lock them out and evict them from the property. The final eviction happens about 1 week after the notice 5 day pay or quit period.
2) Or the tenants contest the eviction in which case we have a hearing in front of a judge about 2 weeks after the 5 day pay or quit period. If we have not received their rent before the hearing the judge will grant us the eviction and we have the constable lock them out and eviction them in about 3 days after the hearing. We go to court for you at no charge.

Payment to you

We can send your rent checks through direct deposit into your bank account or mail you a check. Monthly statements are mailed and emailed.
Rent checks to owners are processed daily. Once we receive the rent from your tenant we process your payment that day or the next day.

Client Experiences

Clients Testimonials

"My interactions with Brady Realty Group have always been great. I am most impressed with their property management services. They take a tough job (property... continued"
Kenneth LeBeau
Las Vegas Realtor
My experience has been great. Good advice, fast rental and no headaches. Everything has run smoothly and timely.
Ron Lessner
I have used Brady Realty management for several properties for many years now. The staff are all wonderful to work with and my properties are never empty for long. They really try to find quality, responsible tenants.
Joan Kao

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